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Elders' Training, Book 03: The Way to Carry Out the Visionpor Witness Lee

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Elders' Training, Book 3: The Way to Carry Out the Vision


  1. The Need to Acquire the Crucial Points of the Truth and a Bird’s-eye View of the Scriptures
  2. A Bird’s-eye View of Mark and Romans
  3. Not Becoming Contented
  4. Not Teaching Differently from God’s Economy
  5. The Need to Be Constituted and the Governing Principle of the Divine Dispensing in God’s Dispensations
  6. The Governing Principles of Christ and the Church and of Christ, the Spirit, Life, and the Church
  7. The Divine Trinity (1)
  8. The Divine Trinity (2)
  9. Bringing the Saints into the Truth (1)
  10. Bringing the Saints into the Truth (2)
  11. Bringing the Saints into the Truth (3)
  12. Bringing the Saints into the Truth (4)
  13. Bringing the Saints into the Truth (5)


During February of 1984 over three hundred and fifty brothers from six continents gathered in Anaheim, California with Brother Witness Lee for a two-week international elders’ training. The messages that were released at that time are the contents of a four-volume set. Book one presents the essential aspects of the ministry of the New Testament; book two sets forth the vision of the Lord’s recovery; book three covers the way to carry out the vision; and book four emphasizes other crucial matters concerning the practice of the Lord’s recovery.

Those of us who were in these meetings were deeply convicted of our need to be further enlightened by the Lord concerning God’s economy and concerning the intrinsic essence of the New Testament ministry which is for the carrying out of this divine economy. As the Lord’s recovery is continually spreading throughout the world, these messages are more than crucial and urgently needed. We believe that they will render a great help in preserving all the saints in the central lane of God’s economy, without any deviation, for the fulfillment of His eternal plan. Our hope and expectation is that these messages will become a governing and controlling vision for all in the Lord’s recovery. May we prayerfully consider all the points presented in these books and accept them without any preferences.

Benson Phillips
November 1985
Irving, Texas

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