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The Song of Songspor Watchman Nee

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  1. The Initial Pursuit and Satisfaction
  2. The Call for Deliverance from the Self
  3. The Call for Ascension
  4. The Call of the Cross after Resurrection
  5. The Work of God
  6. The Groaning of the Flesh


The Song of Songs is based upon messages given by Watchman Nee in 1934. This book was originally published in 1945 in Chungking, China.


Thank God that on earth today there is no lack of men who are attracted by the Lord to seek after Him. This book, The Song of Songs, is specially prepared for them. Spiritual fellowship in the secret place is such a holy thing that it should be sealed. But God has chosen to reveal it to us in the Song of Songs so that we can comprehend the pathway of love and be encouraged to go on.

This exposition was released by our brother in the Lord to a few co-workers many years ago. A brief record of the messages was kept by one co-worker. It was printed in Chungking in 1945 because of a timely need. It was reprinted in 1948 by the church in Tsingtao, and we are reprinting it again in Taiwan. We must clarify that the original manuscript was never edited by the writer himself.

May the Lord use this book to help all those who are seeking after Him. Amen.

The Taiwan Gospel Book Room
January 1954

Nota: Esperamos que muchos se beneficien de estas riquezas espirituales. Sin embargo, para evitar cualquier tipo de confusión, les pedimos que ninguno de estos materiales sean descargados o copiados y publicados en otro lugar, sea por medio electrónico o por cualquier otro medio. Living Stream Ministry mantiene todos los derechos de autor en estos materiales, y esperamos que ustedes los que nos visiten respeten esto.

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