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The Speciality, Generality, and Practicality of the Church Lifepor Witness Lee

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The Speciality, Generality, and Practicality of the Church Life


  1. The Speciality of the Church Life (1)
  2. The Speciality of the Church Life (2)
  3. The Generality of the Church Life (1)
  4. The Generality of the Church Life (2)
  5. The Practicality of the Church Life (1)
  6. The Practicality of the Church Life (2)
  7. The Practicality of the Church Life (3)


The chapters of this book are messages given during a time of training in the summer of 1971 in Los Angeles, California. They cover the speciality, generality, and practicality of the church life. The speciality of the church life is the faith (Rev. 14:12; Gal. 1:23; 2 Tim. 4:7), which is composed of the beliefs concerning the Bible, God, Christ, the work of Christ, salvation, and the church. Every real Christian shares the same beliefs regarding this common faith (Titus 1:4), our Christian faith. This faith is unique and is the ground of all the believers’ genuine oneness. When the Body of Christ is divided, it loses everything; yet it has been divided again and again, mainly due to the overemphasis of certain beliefs other than those comprising the faith. Beliefs other than those comprising the faith have much disagreement and disputation. These beliefs may even become winds of teaching (Eph. 4:14) blowing us away from the oneness of the faith (v. 13).

Concerning the faith we must be very specific and particular (Jude 3; 1 Tim. 6:12); however, concerning the other things we must follow Paul’s example and be general, never insisting that others believe as we do (Rom. 14:1-8). To possess such a spirit of generality is the generality of the church life. If we are special and insist on anything other than the common faith, the oneness will surely be damaged, and divisions will occur.

The primary thing, the first thing, in the practicality of the church life is life and the growth in life. For the experience and enjoyment of life we need to feed on Jesus (John 6:35, 57). The best way to eat and partake of Him, who is life, is to exercise our spirit by calling on His name and pray-reading His Word. The practicality of the church life also includes ministering the healthy teaching, the healthy word, all the saints prophesying in the meetings, practicing brotherly love, exercising obedience without any practice of human lordship, being a functioning member, and practicing the universal priesthood. Furthermore, it includes imparting life to others to bring them forth as fruit, caring for others by feeding and nourishing them, and spreading the Lord’s testimony through migration.

Those of us who were in the meetings when these messages were released can never forget their timeliness and impact. The vision of all these points was deeply wrought into us. As the Lord is continuing to spread His recovery throughout the whole earth, this book, we believe, will fulfill a vital need and will be of immense practical help to all the local churches. We are grateful that this word can be made available to all the Lord’s children in every place at this time. Also, we pray that He will grant such a reality in all the local churches.

Benson Phillips
Irving, Texas
July 1983

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