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The Normal Christian Faithpor Watchman Nee

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The Normal Christian Faith


Section One: Christ and God

  1. The Search for God
  2. The Word of God
  3. God Becoming Man (1)
  4. God Becoming Man (2)

Section Two: Christ and Christianity

  1. Christ Versus Doctrines
  2. Christ—the Basis of Our Doctrine
  3. The Two Corporate Men
  4. Christ as Our Life

Section Three: Christ and the New Life

  1. Forgiveness of Sins
  2. The Crucifixion of Sinners with Christ
  3. Christ as Life in the Spirit
  4. Life through Faith

Section Four: Christ and the Christian

  1. The Meaning of Faith
  2. A Life of Faith
  3. Towards the World


  1. Appendix One: Towards the Church
  2. Appendix Two: There Is a God


This book is composed of gospel messages given by Brother Watchman Nee in Tientsin in 1936. Appendix One, entitled "Towards the Church," was included in an earlier English edition of The Normal Christian Faith as Chapter Sixteen. However, it was not part of the Tientsin Conference in 1936. It has been included in this volume as an appendix, along with Appendix Two, entitled "There Is a God," which was first published in January 1936 in the magazine The Glad Tidings (published by the Shanghai Gospel Book Room). Both messages were given by Brother Nee and published by the Shanghai Gospel Book Room during this same period.

The chapters in The Normal Christian Faith were compiled from notes taken during meetings; they were not edited by the speaker. The whole series is divided into four sections, containing subjects about faith that range from the knowledge of God, Christ, and the Bible to the doctrines of redemption, life, and the Spirit.

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