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The Exercise and Practice of the God-ordained Waypor Witness Lee

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The Exercise and Practice of the God-Ordained Way


  1. A Thorough View of the God-ordained Way—the Basic Principles
  2. The Exercise and Practice of the Gospel Preaching in the God-ordained Way
  3. Definite Steps Needed for Practicing the New Testament Priesthood of the Gospel
  4. Points for Fulfilling the Priesthood of the Gospel
  5. How to Carry Out a Successful Contact with the Sinners
  6. The Glory and Joy of the Believers in Bearing Fruit
  7. Being Flexible in the Way of Reaching People in Gospel Preaching
  8. The Unit of God’s Salvation
  9. Much Fruit and Remaining Fruit
  10. Learn to Be Human
  11. Having Been Chosen for the Start of Fruit-bearing and Being Discipled for Bearing Much Fruit
  12. The Practical Preaching of the Gospel
  13. Nourishing the New Ones That They May Remain
  14. Dealing with Various Cases in Preaching the Gospel
  15. Having Home Meetings for Remaining Fruit
  16. Reaching People with the Gospel
  17. Four Crucial Practices of the Christian Life
  18. Visiting People with the Gospel and Nourishing the New Believers in Their Homes
  19. Feeding the Newborn Babes with Baby Food
  20. Learning to Care for the Home Meetings in a Flexible Way
  21. Raising Up the New Ones as God’s Growing Children with the Pure Milk of the Word
  22. Leading the New Ones into the Practice of the Church Life
  23. The Perfecting in the Group Meetings
  24. Group Meetings for Perfecting the Saints
  25. The Practice of the Group Meeting
  26. Exercising to Practice What We Have Heard
  27. The Practice of the Group Meetings
  28. The Group Meeting in the New Way
  29. The Formation of Group Meetings
  30. The Growth and Multiplication of the Group Meetings
  31. A Concluding Word


This book is composed of messages given by Brother Witness Lee in the full-time training in Anaheim, California, on August 30 through December 16, 1989.

Nota: Esperamos que muchos se beneficien de estas riquezas espirituales. Sin embargo, para evitar cualquier tipo de confusión, les pedimos que ninguno de estos materiales sean descargados o copiados y publicados en otro lugar, sea por medio electrónico o por cualquier otro medio. Living Stream Ministry mantiene todos los derechos de autor en estos materiales, y esperamos que ustedes los que nos visiten respeten esto.

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